Gerry Healy


 International Committee of the Fourth International   …

 Statement: “The Renegade Sklavos”, News Line 4 May 1976

 Security and the Fourth International               ……

 News Line 24 May 1976. An Open Letter to Jack Barnes

 Security and the Fourth International               ……

 News Line 12 June 1976. ICFI Statement  by the ICFI: The Indictment  that Remains Unanswered.

 Security and the Fourth International             ……

 News Line 14 June 1976. Statement by the ICFI: The Indictment That Remains Unanswered.

 Security and the Fourth International              ……

 News Line 15 June 1976. Statement by the ICFI: The Indictment That Remains Unanswered.

 A Historic Landmark for World Trotskyism    ........

 Book review by Corin Redgrave: How the GPU  Murdered Trotsky. News Line 14 July 1976

 Answer the Indictment

Statement by the ICFI. News Line 15 July 1976

 Stop the Cover-up About the Facts About  Trotsky's Murder

 News Line 19 July 1976. Statement by the International  Committee of the Fourth International

 What I Learned from Leon Trotsky             ........

 News Line 18 August 1976. Interview with Trotsky's body  guard Harold Robins

 Why the GPU Must Be Exposed                   .......

 News Line 19 August 1976. Interview with George  Vereeken, Belgian leader of the Fourth International

 "Frankfurt Meeting Calls for Full Enquiry"     

 News Line 24 August 1976.  Report on meeting of German  section of the International Committee of the Fourth  International. Concerning security and the Fourth  International

 A Bad Case of Fleas                                   ..........

 News Line 24 August 1976. Reporting Workers  Revolutionary Party rally on 36th anniversary of death of  Trotsky

 A Decision Which Will Shake the Trotskyist Movement

 Article by Georges Vereeken in the Security and the  Forth International series, News Line 20 November 1976

 George Novack - A case of Falsifying History

 News Line 26 November 1976

 Why the GPU Tried to Kill Me                        ........

 Interview with Julian Gorkin, leader of POUM who was in  Mexico at the time of Trotsky's assassination.
 News Line 6 January 1977

 Security at Coyoacan                                     ........

 Security arrangements at Trotsky's house,
 News Line 7 January 1977

  The Case of Robert Sheldon Harte              ........

 The guard who opened to gate to the Stalinist  assassination gang of 24 May 1940. News Line 8  January 1977  Page 7

 The Sheldon Harte Dossier                           ........

 The Case of Robert Sheldon Harte. News Line
 10 January 1977 page 8

 Joseph Hansen - Political Schemer              ........

 Hansen's secret meetings with the GPU
 News Line 11 January 1977 page 8

 Sylvia Franklin - The GPU agent they all want to protect

 The case of Sylvia Franklin - the GPU spy in the SWP  headquarters. News Line 12 January 1977 page 7

  Novack Keeps His Mouth Shut                    ........

 Novack and Hansen refuse to answer Grand Jury
 indictment and court testimony proving Sylvia Franklin's
 complicity with GPU. News Line 13 January 1977

 Wohlforth on the Platform of Shame       .........

 David North writes on Tim Wohlforth - his history and his  appearance at the "Platform of Shame" meeting

 Assassin at Large                                        ........

 News Line issues January 1977. Security and the Fourth  International Series reporting on Ramon Mercader,  Trotsky's assassin.

 Security and the Fourth International          .......

 News Line 17 January 1977 reporting revisionist "Platform of Shame" meeting


Publications Section

In the Publications section we publish material which appeared in the publications of the organisations which Gerry Healy founded and led. It is carefully chosen for its historical importance and although he did not actually write them himself, they were produced under his direct philosophical and political leadership and editorship.