Gerry Healy


This site is dedicated exclusively to the written work of British revolutionary and co-founder of the ‘International Committee of the Fourth International’ Gerry Healy.

All of Healy’s work is published just as it first appeared in print,. Editorial comment has been kept within strict limits and always clearly differentiated from the original text. Apart from the Appreciation page and the Publications section, no other writing will appear on this site.

The authoritative biography of Gerry Healy, entitled Gerry Healy – A revolutionary Life, can be found at  

The administrators were active members of the organisation Gerry Healy led, and studied dialectical materialism under his leadership.  We firmly hold to the view that Healy was a master of this method, and that he concretised it into a practical guide for building the necessary political party to lead the working class in the coming world revolution.  This material is intended to serve that purpose

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NEW - Book reviews, Philosophical Problems in Physical Science, News Line August 1981, and The Ass’s Ears of Soviet Philosophy ,News Line October 1981. Posted 22 June 2015

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